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Another cake smash! So many babies born in late November and early December.  This little girl was very happy to smile and look at the camera, but she wasn’t terribly interested in making a mess (because she’s a lady). Mom helped to mess up the cake a little and give her a taste, and she loved it!


Who doesn’t love a good cake smash? My dogs, that’s who. The smell of cake drove them a little wild once my adorable little model and her parents had left. They snuffled around in search of leftover treats like nobody’s business. I was going to include their name in the title for this post, but their last name is German. The German Cake Smash just sounds… odd. Anyway, happy birthday little girl, you were adorable and such a good little smasher!

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I love doing photoshoots for this family, partly because they’re my very good friends, but also because they love to be playful and are all dreamers. My kind of people. For this shoot, I wanted to reflect the feel of that afternoon, the gold of the trees and sunset, how warm it was. The location was a family favourite where they often went to skip rocks and play and explore, so I took and edited the photos with this in mind. Here’s the sneak peek of one of my favourite shots!