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Family Magazine Photoshoot

The Lanctots are one of my favourite people to photography because they’re up for fun, funky ideas and I get toView full post ┬╗


Wedding In The Park

Last I did grad photos for Taylor. This year, her dad Deanágot married to an incredible woman named Cheryl. They had a sView full post ┬╗


Digital Painting from a Photograph

Sometimes when I need a break from editing for clients, I like to have a little fun and experiment. Usually I play arouView full post ┬╗


Posing Makes a Difference

Good photography isn’t just about having the best equipment or the prettiest people. Posing makes a difference inView full post ┬╗


Vogue in Medicine Hat

Jaclyn is my favorite model to use for fun and experimental shoots. She’s incredibly gorgeous, as you can see froView full post ┬╗

kid squishy face a little up

A Little ‘Up’

Sometimes you just have those days where you question your dreams, your goals, your reasons for getting up in theView full post ┬╗


Medicine Hat Kaufman Saddles

I am pleased to present Medicine Hat Kaufman Saddles, a small local business owned by Bob and Deborah Kaufman. They areView full post ┬╗


Four Elements – Water

Continuing from the Four Element – Earth, comes Four Elements – Water. These photos were taken at theView full post ┬╗


Four Elements – Earth

Every now and then I treat myself to a fun project that gets my creative juices flowing and lets me experiment with difView full post ┬╗